May 28,2009

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 7 PM Thursday May 28, 2009 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting

President Fred Preston called the meeting to order.  Mike Everheart gave the invocation.  Neal Naranjo then led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Preston then recognized the guests.  Members present were Tom Gann, Martin Netherland, Woody Gann, Burl Ivy, Vance Roberts, Fred Jacobs, Neal Naranjo, J. Neal Naranjo II, Mike Everheart and Fred Preston.  Guests were Betty Preston, Bob and Charlene Ham, Sam and Mary Griffin, Ben and Ellen Pyle, Vicki Gann, Charles and Polly Young, Sue Roberts and June Everheart. There were 10 members and 12 guests.  

There were no corrections to the minutes so they stand approved.

Treasurer Jeff Corbett was not present.  Preston reported that he had received a check for $500 from the Athens Chapter for the participation of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter in the Annual State Meeting held in Nacogdoches in March. 

Under Old Business, Preston called J. Neal Naranjo II forward and presented him with his Certificate of Membership and his rosette.  J. Neal has just started at UT Austin.

L - R: J. Neal Naranjo, J. Neal Naranjo II and Fred Preston.

Neal Naranjo said he was still working on frames for the Declaration of Independence we plan to place in area schools.

Preston stated we have not heard anything about the Wal-Mart Grant.

Preston displayed his member badge which was paid for from chapter funds and he expressed his appreciation.

On Thursday May 21, Naranjo and Preston awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the poster contest at St Cyprians Episcopal School plus certificates of appreciation to the other 5th grade students. (7 in all)  On May 27, they did the same at Pineywoods Academy for 23 5th grade students at their awards ceremony.  The cost of the poster contest was $288 for two schools.  We could do three schools for $338, so we should try to get more schools to participate.

New Business: Preston reported that we have a number of possible new members.  Bob Ham's application has been submitted but expected to take at least 4 months for approval.  Burl Ivy is going to submit applications for twin grandsons as Junior members.  Danny Powell who works for Naranjo is working on his application but couldn't be present.  Others who have expressed an interest but couldn't be present are Tom Williams of Diboll, Doug Ashburn and Doug Smith of Lufkin.  Preston is also working on Kevin McKay (mother DAR) and Steve Reynolds. Currently we have 40 paid members, 2 other members unpaid but plan to continue membership.

Preston reported that Tom Green is going to do his flag presentation for the Anthony Smith Chapter of the DAR sometime next year.  This is the same one he did for our chapter in November 2006 with 38 flags and the history of each, an excellent presentation.  Hopefully the DAR will invite us for a joint meeting.  They meet at 2 PM at St. Cyprian's Church.  Will keep you advised of the date .

Elections: Need to start thinking about our elections coming up in January 2010.  There are four elected officers and any member can enter the race or nominate someone else.  Neal Naranjo will be running for President, Jeff Corbett for Vice President and Treasurer and Preston for Secretary and Webmaster.  All other officers are appointed by the President.

Eagle Scout: There was an article about our Eagle Scout program in Wednesday's paper.  Will run this 3 or 4 more times this summer.  Gary McClinton's son will participate this year.

Preston has been asked to carry the American Flag, in uniform, during the July 5th church service at St. Cyprians Episcopal Church.

Not discussed during the meeting but Everheart informed us there will be a flag retirement ceremony in Tyler on Saturday June 13 and we are invited to participate.  Stated that they would ceremoniously burn as many as 400 flags.

Naranjo made a motion and Everheart seconded that we have a 6th meeting each year in July.  The motion was approved, therefore the next meeting will be July 23.

Mike Everheart then came forward and presented Fred Preston with a certificate and medal from the Athens Chapter for participation in the annual meeting.  Preston created a web page advertising the State meeting and also manned the display of Revolutionary Artifacts supplied by Naranjo.

L to R: Mike Everheart and Fred Preston.

There being no other new business, Naranjo introduced the speaker, Tom Gann who gave a very good presentation on the events leading up to and the battle of King's Mountain.  Ignatious Nathan Gann was a participant and believed to be one of the men who shot Ferguson.  The chapter was of course named after Nathan Gann. Preston reported that his ancestor, Robert Preston, reported at the Wataugo River but Col. Campbell dismissed him since he had been married 3 days prior.  Listening to the description of the battle, Campbells forces were hit hard and I am lucky my ancestor wasn't there.

Preston led the assemblage in the closing Admonition and the meeting was adjourned about 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Fred Preston


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