Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter

Minutes September 23, 2010

A meeting of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter, S.A.R., was held at 6:40 PM September 23, 2010 at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Lufkin.  Members and guests started arriving after 6 PM to enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner before the meeting.  Members present were:  Neal Naranjo, President, Bob Ham, 1st VP., Martin Netherland, Harold Newsom and Fred Preston, Secretary,  .  In all there were 5 members.and about 8 guests.

President Neal Naranjo opened the meeting and called Dr. Phillips from Angelina College forward and presented him with a Medal for Good Citizenship.(We did not have an appropriate Certificate so this will have to be issued at a later date.)   Dr. Phillips had to attend the Angelina Arts Alliance and therefore had to leave early.. 

L to R:Fred Preston, Pres. Neal Naranjo, Dr. Phillips, 1st VP Bob Ham


After the presentation, the meeting was put on hold until about 7:08 when Naranjo again called it to order.  Bob Ham led the assemblage in the pledges to the American Flag and the SAR Flag.

Naranjo then called Harold Newsom forward and swore him in as Treasurer.  Harold, Neal and Fred can now write checks.  All bills have been paid except one owed to Neal Naranjo..

Naranjo announced that James Bell would give us an update on the school situation in November.

Preston made a motion and Neal seconded that in the future, all Eagle Scout applicants would be interviewed before we agreed to give them the award.  This would consist of reviewing the application, talking to the Eagle face to face and making a judgement whether or not to present the applicant with 1st or 2nd place or none at all.  Just submitting an application would not be enough.

There was no treasurers report but in November, we would expect Harold Newsom to give us an update on cash and CD funds on hand.  Starting balance and ending balance etc.  Neal requested $150 to purchase medals and certificates since we were two Flag Certifcates short.   Harold made the motion, Preston seconded, motion carried.

Neal talked about the DAR meeting with Tom Green doing his Flag Talk.  Neal, Fred Preston and Harold Newsom attended. Article in paper 9/22/10, page 3B.  Was reported that several members of the Lt. Nathan Gann Chapter joined the Anthony Smith Chapter for the Flag talk.    We have been invited to participate again on November 2nd, 1:30 PM at St Cyprians Church to hear Tom Dillard talk.  Tom's talk is directed toward remembering veterans.  Out Veteran members are especially invited but all chapter members are welcome. (Veterans would include Lester Sparks , Vance Roberts, Woody Gann, David Larned and myself..)  (Let me know if I missed someone.)

Burl Ivy, our 2nd VP,  had relocated to the Houston area due to health issues.   After much discussion it was decided to induct James Bell as 2nd VP in charge of Awards.  The motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.  (This is why no one should miss a meeting)

Naranjo asked Preston to look up the new color guard standards for SAR and report at the next meeting.  Don't have clue what this involves.  Currently if you have any kind of a uniform, you are considered a qualified member of the Color Guard.

Bob Ham was appointed as Poster Contest Chairman by President Naranjo.

At this time, Naranjo called Robert Smith forward.  Robert is in charge of the Volunteer Fire Department in Hudson.  Neal indicated that other fireman had recommended Robert to receive the 'Fire Safety Award' and medal presented by the SAR.


L to R: Fred Preston, Robert Smith, Pres. Neal Naranjo, VP Bob Ham.

Naranjo then talked about the Flag Display at the two Post Offices and how he had observed they did everything properly.  He called David McGill forward and presented him with two Flag Certificates.  One for the Main Post Office, corner Pershing and the Loop, and one for the Downtown Station.

L to R: Fred Preston, David McGill, Pres. Neal Naranjo, VP Bob Ham.

At this time, Bob Ham came forward and introduced Ray Cox.   Ray is a member of the Piney Woods Chapter and his talk was entitled "An Instrument of War".  A day in the life of a Revolutionary Soldier and how it was completely governed by the fife/drum signals  that regulated the day, including stories about daily life and the playing of fife calls.  Ray must have played parts of about 20 different calls, starting with one to tell other fife/drum players to get up and get out all around the camp.  The calls were standard for a particular camp but not standard throughout the army.  The tunes played for a particular purpose were at the discretion of the commanding officer.  Ray made it very interesting by his accounts of things that may take place during a typical day.  Very good presentation.  

After the talk, Neal thanked Ray and adjourned the meeting.

Fred Preston, Secretary.


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