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On November 16, 2006, the chapter had Tom Green, President of the TXSSAR, speak about the American Flag.  Tom brought 35 full size flags which were set up around the room.   Tom then gave a history of each flag, when it was used, where and why.  It was an excellent lesson on American History and I would highly recommend it to any school.   Here are some pictures of the meeting and those present.

Tom Green, President TXSSAR 2006.

L to R. David Adams, Betty Preston, Fred Preston, Fred Jacobs, Honora Jacobs, Nancy Hamilton, Charlie Hamilton..

Mary Griffin, Sam Griffin, O.L. Parker, Maurine Parker, Ellen and Ben Pyle, Jasper Lee, Howard McGill (foreground), Lester and Mildred Sparks, Sue and Vance Roberts and Woody Gann.

Tom Green is holding the first Sons of Liberty Flag. It was established in 1765 after a meeting of representatives of 9 colonies in New York. This was the begining of the boycot of English products, and the first indication that the colonies were united against the taxes England was placing on them. This flag had only 9 vertical stripes since only 9 colonies had representatives at the meeting. The original flag is in the Old State House in Boston. This is typical of the information given on each flag. Sorry I don't know the rest. Should have been there.

L-R Patsy McGill (barely), Howard McGill, Ray Spivey and Tom Green.

Backs of a lot of people but far left is Rita Redd (Amer.Legion Aux) and far right is Vicki Gann.

Yours truly and Tom Green

Bessie and Ray Spivey and Tom Green.

Tom, Vicki Gann and Fred Preston.

Woody Gann and Tom Green. Lower left is Howard McGill.

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