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Presentations and Programs


The Robert Rankin Chapter has the following presentations and programs available to the general public.  These programs are suitable for schools, civic groups, service clubs, and other groups that need a program for one of their meetings.  There is no charge for any of the programs.  Please email Ed Raines or Tom Jackson for more information and for scheduling.


1.  Historical Flag Programs – There are 4 different programs tailored with different flags for different age groups.  All presentations are conducted in Colonial Dress, Revolutionary Army uniforms for the men and 18th Century Colonial attire for the ladies.  Questions and cameras are welcome.

a.  The History of the Republic – This presentation discusses the history of our country using historical flags.  It covers the period from Columbus to the present date.  Many of the flags are unusual and seldom seen.  The legislative history of our flag is covered as well as how our flag received it’s nicknames, such as Old Glory.  The presentation lasts about 1 hour.  Access to the space/gym/cafeteria/ or assembly room is necessary about 45 minutes before presentation time for setup and about 30 minutes after presentation time for take-down.  The presentation is geared for students aged 10/11 (fifth grade) and older with some basic knowledge of American History and the American Revolution.  It is also suitable for adults.

b.  The Colonial Flags – This presentation centers on flags of the American Colonial period, including early British colonial flags and militia flags.  The program covers the early colonial flags, militia flags, up to the legislation establishing the first national flag.  This program can be considered to be a sub-set of the main program with some additional flags of the colonial period.  The program lasts about 30 minutes.  Some time before and after the presentation is required for setup and take-down.  This program is available for all age groups, but especially for those interested in the Colonial Period.

c.  How We Got Flag Day and Our Flag – This presentation is a subset of the main program that stresses the “striped” flags and the legislation/executive orders over the years that led to our present flag.  The presentation lasts about 30 minutes and time is necessary before and after the presentation for setup and takedown.  This program is more suitable for older students and adults, who have some understanding of the legislative process and the growth of our country.

d.  Our Country’s Flag – This presentation is an abbreviated history of our flag adapted to younger students, perhaps 4th grade and under.  Time is spent explaining our Colonial uniforms and dress, the song Yankee Doodle and what it means, the basic flags and their nicknames (Stars and Stripes, Star Spangled Banner, and Old Glory), how we got our national symbol, and some of the “rattlesnake” militia flags.  The program is designed to last 30 minutes or less, depending on the attention span of the students.  The same setup and takedown requirements necessary for the other programs are also required.

2.  Slide show (Power Point Presentations)

a.  The History of the Minutemen – This program is a 30 minute slide show (Power Point) presentation that traces the development of the Colonial rapid response force Minutemen) from their beginnings with the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony, through their finest hour at Lexington & Concord to the current National and State Guards.  It is suitable for all ages and groups that would like a historical program.

b.  Patriot’s Day & the Battle of Lexington & Concord – This program is 45 minutes in length and weaves the ride of Paul Revere into the events at the battle of Lexington & Concord.

c.  The Beginning of the American Navy – This program is 20 minutes in length and reviews the historical beginnings of the US Navy, lightly touching on the US Strategy, the components of the navy, and some of the lesser known ships.

3.  Our Ancestors Were There – This is an informal presentation for any age group.  The Chapter will provide five or six members, each of whom will give a short presentation about their ancestor and how he/she contributed to the American Revolution.  Because of the variety of ancestors and their locations from New England to current Louisiana, this is a very interesting overview of the Revolutionary War and how our patriot ancestors contributed to the cause.  The intent is to “humanize” the American Revolution by showing that these patriots were real people with real lives and real concerns about their families and their future.  No special setup is required.  There are generally a lot of questions.  Normal presentation time is 30 to 45 minutes depending on the questions.