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Robert Rankin Chapter #62
Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution
Katy, TX



State Recognitions - Compatriots


Compatriots Honored at the State Level

Distinguished Service Medal
  Thomas Jackson (2013)
  Ray Cox (2012)
  Allan Henshaw (2011)


Patriots Medal
  Thomas Jackson (2013)
  Ed Raines (2010)
  Raymond Cox (2008)
  Allan Henshaw (1995)


Meritorious Service Medal
  Thomas Ingle Jackson (2010)


Silver Roger Sherman Medal
  Thomas Ingle Jackson (2014)


Silver Good Citizenship Medal
  Gus Mistrot (2015)
  Stephen Tanner (2012)


Liberty Medal
  Fred M. Jackson, Jr. (2014)
  Thomas Ingle Jackson (2012)
  Ed Raines (2006)
  Ed Raines (2005)


Bronze Good Citizenship Medal
  Gail Raines (2008)
  Edwin Raines (2008)


Lamplighter Medal
  Thomas I. Jackson (2015)


Texas Society Silver Service Medal
  Allen Greene (2015)
  Allen Greene (2014)
  Allen Greene (2013)
  Patrick Kerr (2010)
  David Jones (2010)
  Stephen Tanner (2010)
  Thomas I. Jackson (2009)


Alexander Hamilton Medal
  David Jones (2010)
  Thomas Ashley Jackson (2010)
  Thomas Ingle Jackson (2009)


Certificate of Appreciation
  Patrick Kerr (Veterans Program - 2010)