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The University of North Texas Special Collections library contains 100+ collections from industries all across Texas.  Located in the main campus Willis Library 4th Floor, documents and photos are stored for research and general interest.  Viewing of these documents can be in person or online through their Portal to Texas History.



As of 2023, new donations to the University of North Texas have been suspended.  Chapter donations should be held at the chapter until a new plan is formulated.  State documents will be collected by the State Historian until a new plan is formulated.  In all cases, electronic documents are preferred, e.g. PDFs, JPGs, etc.

Contact historian@texassar.org with questions.



The Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution, Texas SAR, began archiving documents at UNT in late December 2003.  The agreement was initiated by Compatriot Jim Johnson and finalized by Compatriot Bill Marrs.  Compatriot James G. Robertson was the Texas SAR Society President at the time.  It made the UNT Special Collections the official archives repository for the Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution.  An initial donation was made and continues today as the archive destination for inactive documents and photos.  UNT's primary goal is to organize the TXSSAR Archives in order to document the history of the Society in Texas; its activities, projects, and accomplishments.  It includes more than 105 shelf feet of materials and grows each year.  The collection contains various published materials, artifacts, scrapbooks, papers, newsletters, and photos.  All are organized in boxes and easily retrievable.

The TXSSAR collection is divided into number series according to the National Society, State Society, District.Chapter, Artifact, and Administrative levels (five levels).  As such, a number series has been established for each item held within the collection and each series demands special mention due to its numbering scheme.  The series itself has been broken down by a distinct level series.  For example the Denton Chapter is in District 11 and is Chapter #23.  Each box for the Denton Chapter begins with the first part of the District 011 and the second part of the chapter number 023.  The box number completes the series number.  This means that the first box of records for the Denton Chapter is labeled 011.023.001, the second box would be 011.023.002, and so forth.  Each box also contains a number of folders. uniquely indentifies the Denton chapter, box 003, folder 001.  This creates a unique subset for each chapter and allows for continued growth of the collection.



Research is available in person at the Willis Library in their Special Collections Reading Room during their posted hours, generally all day of open days.   Scanning of the backlog of documents has been prioritized and continues annually.  Not all but many are already scanned and are available via online access.

When researching in person, remember the TXSSAR Collection is housed offsite:

  • Use the free UNT online Finding Aid for TXSSAR to the index of boxes.  To ease the search, use their Browse by Series and Search this Finding Aid features.
  • Once found, Request Reading Room Access by selecting those of your interest.  Note this requires a free login and appointment made at least a day ahead.  Also note when requesting a folder, the full box will be retrieved.
  • Come see for yourself the available documents.


When researching online, easy access is available without login:

  • Use the free UNT online Portal to Texas History to the TXSSAR Online Collection Search.
  • To ease the search, enter Your Search Terms and Search for items of your interest.
  • Once found, puruse and/or download those items as needed.


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