Texas SAR Recipients of the Minuteman Medal


The Minuteman Award is the most prestigious award of The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  The National Executive Committee established the award in 1951.  Only those Compatriots who have made distinguished and exceptional contributions of service to the National Society may be recognized.  The recipient may receive the award only once.

This beautiful medal is of sterling silver.  It depicts a Minuteman holding a rifle with a plow and the Liberty Bell in the background.  The medal is suspended from a neck ribbon of light blue silk.

The Minuteman Award was first presented at the 1952 National congress.  The first honoree was former President General Benjamin H. Powell of Texas.


Texas Recipients * Denotes Deceased

Year Compatriot Chapter
2017 James C. Taylor San Antonio
2016 James T. Jones, Jr. PineyWoods
2014 Thomas E. Lawrence Paul Carrington
2012 William M. Marrs * Heart of Texas
2006 Nathan E. White, Jr. McKinney
2004 Robert W. Coker * Dallas
2002 John C. Haughton Denton
2001 B. Rice Aston * Paul Carrington
1996 Delbert M. Fowler * Dallas
1994 Billy E. Hightower * William Hightower
1992 William R. Eddleman * Dallas
1990 George H. Brandau * Paul Carrington
1981 Clovis H. Brakebill * Dallas
1976 Neill F. Amsler, Jr. * Houston
1975 Thomas X. Harris *  
1965 Robert L. Sonfield *
Walter G. Sterling *
Paul Carrington
1963 Jedediah H. Hills * San Antonio
1958 F. W. Huntington * San Antonio
1954 Charles E. J. Gilbert *  
1952 Benjamin H. Powell, III * Patrick Henry


Dual Member with Texas Recipients

Year Compatriot Chapter
2009 Joseph W. Dooley
(Virginia Society)
Peter K Goebel
(New York Society)
San Antonio
San Antonio
2006 Edward F. Butler, Sr.
(Mexico Society)
San Antonio