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2024 Dues Payments

Regular Membership - Using this form you can make 2024 dues payments online for your primary chapter and optionally up to 5 secondary chapter memberships.  Select your primary chapter from the drop down list on the Primary Chapter Dues line.  Once your primary chapter has been selected, the annual dues based on the chapter selected will be reflected in the Cost column to the right, and will include chapter, state, and national dues.

If you hold secondary memberships in Texas SAR chapters, use the same technique to select those chapters by using the 1st through 5th Secondary Chapter Dues listings.  You can only select one chapter in each listing and the order of selection of your secondary chapters isn't important.  It is only important that you select each of them in a separate listing or your membership dues will not be credited for any chapters not selected.  If you hold more than 5 secondary memberships, submit your payment to include the first 5 secondary chapters along with your primary membership chapter.  When that transaction is complete, start a new transaction in which you will select any additional secondary chapter memberships which weren't included in the first transaction.

Dual Membership with Primary Chapter in Another State - Using this part of the form you can make 2024 dues payments online for a secondary Texas SAR chapter when your primary chapter membership is in another state.  Select your Texas SAR chapter from the drop down list on the Dual Membership with Primary Chapter in Another State dues line.  Once your Texas SAR chapter has been selected, the annual dues based on the chapter selected will be reflected in the Cost column to the right, and will include chapter and state dues.

If you are a member of additional Texas SAR chapters, use the same technique to select those additional chapters by using the 1st through 5th Secondary Chapter Dues listings as mentioned in the Regular Membership section.

Junior Members - The Texas SAR is no longer requiring annual dues payments from Junior Members.


Texas SAR Patriots Fund 2024 Contribution

Texas SAR uses the annual dues event to encourage giving to the Texas SAR Patriots Fund.  The Patriot Fund is the only source of funds for our numerous youth projects, no other SAR funds are used.  As we add new projects and expand the old ones, even more money is necessary to pay for the Texas Society contests and awards.  Those contests and awards listed below in the payment entry section are at the core of what the SAR is about.  They are among the most important programs we have.

Several years ago, because of our need for more funds, we changed our procedures to allow members to contribute to their favorite programs if they prefer.  You may still contribute to the unrestricted Patriot Fund account simply by filling in an amount in the Patriot Endowment Fund, Unrestricted area in the payment entry section below.  An unrestricted gift will allow the Patriots Fund Projects committee to distribute funds as needed considering all of Texas SAR’s needs.  Compatriots may also make contributions directly to their favorite individual programs.  You may contribute to any number of specific programs such as the American History Teacher program, the Children of the American Revolution program, the Eagle Scout program, the Oration contest, the Essay contest, the Poster contest, and the ROTC/JROTC program.  In addition you may contribute to any other Texas SAR program you specifically name.  For Oration Contest donations, a gift to the Ritchie Fund will go towards paying the 1st place prize only.  A gift to the general Oration program will go towards all other expenses.

You can also choose to have your contribution to one of these specific programs go into a permanent endowment fund which will generate income to be used only for that program each year.  Because of a concern over an accounting burden on our treasurer, we ask that any gifts to a specific program endowment be for a minimum amount of $100.00.

To make any donation, merely enter your donation amount in the text box adjacent to the program to which you want to contribute.  Do not enter anything in the Cost column!  Your donation entry will automatically be added to the Cost column beside your entry, the Cost column will be automatically added in to update the Subtotal entry and the transtaction Total will be updated at the bottom of the form.


SAR Education Center and Museum 2024 Contribution

This year finds the National Society on the edge of finally completing the second and third phases of the Headquarters building, in Louisville, Kentucky also known as the SAR Education Center and Museum.  The development of this project has been underway for over ten years.  Compatriots across the nation have continued to collectively contribute an average of $300,000 a year to the building fund.

We encourage you to be a part of bringing this project to a successful close by making a contribution to the SAR Education Center and Museum.  Many Compatriots have made pledges at various levels over a period of time.  The donations accumulate, and will see this project through to the end.

We hope you will embrace this effort and give generously to support the SAR Education Center and Museum.  Please use this Online Dues and Donations Payments form to make your contribution to the SAR Education Center and Museum (item 32) along with your regular yearly dues payment.  For larger donations or naming opportunities contact the SAR Foundation office at Headquarters - (502) 315-1777 or foundation@sar.org.


Online Form Information

The only items that are mandatory on this form are the first two entries - the Name of the member/donor and his respective National Number.  Since it is entirely possible for payments to be made via a credit card which is not in the member's name, this information is required to ensure that the proper person receives credit for dues and/or donations.

You can make a dues payment only, you can make a donation to Patriots Fund Expenses without the payment of dues, or you can pay 6 sets of dues and contribute to Patriots Fund Expenses, all in a single transaction.  As long as at least one area is selected for payment and an amount is entered (if necessary) the form will process.

If you feel like you have made too many errors on the form, click the Reset button to remove all entries and set all amounts to zero.  You can correct a single entry by reselecting from a drop-down list or re-entering an amount in a text box.  When your order is set the way you want it, click the Continue button to proceed to the PayPal processing page.


PayPal Payment Processing

Texas SAR online payments are processed via PayPal.  You do not need to be a PayPal member to make credit card payments via PayPal, but members will have their usual options (as previously set up) as to how payments are made.  Although you will not be on a secure server while you are entering your dues and donation selections on this page, you will transfer to a secure PayPal server for credit card processing as soon as you click the Continue button.

When you get to the PayPal page, members need only enter your email and PayPal password to log in to your account to complete payment.  Non-members can click the Pay with debit or credit card button.  Additional pages will allow you to enter the appropriate credit card information to complete the transaction.  You will be able to view the details of your transaction on the initial PayPal page to ensure that all elements were correctly forwarded.

Note:  Texas SAR currently blocks PayPal payments from those who have non-U.S. PayPal accounts and payments from foreign countries.  If you are out of the country and would like to pay your dues online, please contact the webmaster and he will temporarily unblock these settings so Texas SAR can receive your payment.


  Member's name for whom dues are being paid or the name for which donations are to be credited.

  National Number of the person named above.

ID  Description
10  Primary Chapter Dues
20  1st Secondary Chapter Dues
21  2nd Secondary Chapter Dues
22  3rd Secondary Chapter Dues
23  4th Secondary Chapter Dues
24  5th Secondary Chapter Dues
     Special Membership Categories
28  Dual Membership with Primary Chapter in another state, or, member transferring to Texas from another state where dues for the current year have already been paid.
29  Junior Members
      (no dues requirement)
     Unrestricted Donations
30  Patriot Endowment Fund,
Enter your donation: 
31  Texas SAR Cemetery Monument Fund
      click for information
Enter your donation: 
32  SAR Education Center and Museum
      click for information
Enter your donation: 
33  Galvez Statue Project Fund
      click for information
Enter your donation: 
     Specific Award Programs
Choose to contribute to 2024 Expenses or Endowment Fund (Minimum $100)
40  American History Teacher Award
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
42  C.A.R
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
44  Eagle Scout
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
46  Essay
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
48  John K. Harrell C.A.R. Award
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
50  Oration
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
52  Poster
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
56  Jos. Plumb Martin Video
    2024 Expenses: 
Endowment Fund: 
60  Other: 
   Enter donation: 
Subtotal =
          Total =
Note:  You can complete the 2024 Member Questionnaire online also for your convenience.