2024 Texas SAR Member Questionnaire

Please respond to this questionnaire so we may improve the Texas Society. 

1.  The Texas Society is interested in finding out what committee(s) you would like to participate on, so please check any committee(s) which interest you.  Although it is better for the Texas SAR and yourself if you attend some Texas SAR state meetings, you may still participate on a committee even if you are unable to attend all state meetings.

American History Teacher Media Relations/Publicity
Children American Revolution Archives/Texas SAR History
Knight Essay Color Guard
Oration Contest Poster Contest
Eagle Scout Planning State Meetings
ROTC/JROTC Legal Affairs/Bylaws/Resolutions
Video Contest Veteran Affairs
Web Site/Technology Financial Affairs/Audit
Fundraising (Patriot's Fund) Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire Safety
Newsletter Patriot Fund Projects
Other (specify)


2.  What professional skills, interests, or talents do you possess that might be useful to the Texas SAR?  Please check any areas which correspond to your professional or personal skills, talents, or interests.

Attorney Financial Planning Boy Scouting
CPA/Accountant Meeting Planning Military Veteran
Web Site Design Genealogy Photography
Computer Skills Fundraising Public Speaking
Writing/Media Teacher/Professor Artist


3.  Do you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve the Texas Society, and make your membership more rewarding and fun?


Thank you for your time in filling out and mailing this questionnaire to us.  Please provide your name, chapter and e-mail address so we can contact you.

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Email: Phone: