How to Allow Texas SAR Pop-Up Windows Information


For Internet Explorer:  click on Tools; Pop-up Blocker; Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

Note:  If you are using Internet Explorer and cannot find the Tools menu or can't see the Pop-up Blocker settings under the Tools menu, you need to enable your Command Toolbar as follows:  Use Alt + F to bring up your Menu Bar if it cannot be seen.  In the Menu Bar select View > Toolbars > Command Bar.  With the Command Bar now visible, you can follow the first direction above.

For Firefox:  Firefox will usually show the PayPal window even with the Pop-up Blocker on.  If it doesn't, select Tools; Options; Content; uncheck the box beside "Block pop-up windows" then click OK.

For Google Chrome:  In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu icon; Select "Settings"; Click "Privacy and Security" (in the left side menu); Under "Privacy and Security" click "Site Settings"; Under "Site Settings" click the "Pop-ups and redirects" item; Click the button beside "Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects" to change the default behavior. To make this change permanent, click the "Add" button beside "Allowed to send...", type in "" and then click the "Add" button.

Note:  If you are only going to temporarily enable Pop-up windows, don't forget to turn your Pop-up Blocker back on when you are finished with your Texas SAR online payment transaction.


Toolbar and Other Pop-Up Blockers

If you have your browser's Pop-up blocker disabled and you still can't see the PayPal window (Pop-ups are still being blocked) you need to check any Toolbars you have installed to see if they have a Pop-up blocker which is enabled.  Toolbars which may have a Pop-up blocker enabled are:

Google Toolbar:  To disable, click the Toolbar's wrench icon.  On the Tools tab, deselect the "Pop-up blocker" checkbox.  Click Save.  You can also go to the website you want to unblock ( for example) and click the Toolbar's Pop-up blocker button.  The button's icon should change from 'Pop- ups blocked' to 'Pop-ups allowed'.  Once you allow Pop-ups on a specific website, Pop-up blocker adds the website to an 'Allowed sites' whitelist.

Yahoo! Toolbar:  Clicking the Pop-Up Blocker app on your Yahoo! Toolbar toggles the blocker on or off.  Look for Pop-Up Blocker in My Apps on your toolbar.  You can also click the Pop-Up Blocker and click Enable Pop-Up Blocker to turn the blocker on or off.  If there's a checkmark next to it, Pop-Up Blocker is enabled.  Otherwise it's disabled.

Other Pop-up blockers include MSN Toolbar, AOL Toolbar, Pop-Up Stopper, PopUpCop, Norton Internet Security/Firewall Pop-up Blocker, Norton AntiSpam, Opera, Safari, Comcast, and others.  You will need to refer to those specific software companies to find out how to disable them.