How to Permanently Allow Texas SAR Pop-Up Windows

How to Permanently enable Texas SAR pop-up windows without allowing any other Pop-up windows to bother you - (so you don't have to keep turning them on and off when you make online payments to Texas SAR)

For Internet Explorer:  click on Tools; Pop-up Blocker; Pop-up Blocker Settings.  In the "Address of website to allow" area enter "".  Click Add; click Close.

Note:  If you are using Internet Explorer and cannot find the Tools menu or can't see the Pop-up Blocker settings under the Tools menu, you need to enable your Command Toolbar as follows:  Use Alt + F to bring up your Menu Bar if it cannot be seen.  In the Menu Bar select View > Toolbars > Command Bar.  With the Command Bar now visible, you can follow the first direction above.

For Edge:  Click the Settings and More ••• button; click Settings; Click Cookies and Site Permissions; click Pop-ups and Redirects; click the Add button in the Allow box; type in "" and click the Add button.

For Firefox:  select Tools; Options; Content; click the top right Exceptions button.  In the "Address of web site" area, enter "" and click Enable; click Close; leave a check mark inside the box beside "Block pop-up windows" then click OK.

For Google Chrome: In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu icon; Select "Settings"; Click "Privacy and Security" (in the left side menu); Under "Privacy and Security" click "Site Settings"; Under "Site Settings" click the "Pop-ups and redirects" item; Click the "Add" button beside "Allowed to send...", type in "" and then click the "Add" button.