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BOM Registration Fall 2023

I've read the instructions...take me right to the form!



Using this form, you can register and pay online for the October 2023 BOM in College Station.  The form is in two parts:  1) Personal Information; and 2) Event Registration and Payment.  In the Personal Information section, your Last Name, First Name, National Number, Phone, and Email address are required fields.  Your registration cannot be completed without this information.  If there is a Yes/No choice, clicking one of the radio buttons will record your choice.

In the Event Registration and Payment section, type a "1" into the field in the Compatriot Registration Fee row to add this cost to your registration (you can amend/add fees to your registration in the future by leaving this field blank when you fill out the form again, as you will have already paid the fee once).  For the remaining Event Registration and Payment entries, enter the number of people (or tickets for respective items) who/which you are including in this registration and who will be attending the respective event in the Number Attending column and the proper totals will be automatically calculated on the form for you.

A Handling fee of $5.00 is automatically applied to the transaction.

If you feel like you have made too many errors, click the Reset button at the very bottom of the form to remove all entries and set all amounts to zero.  You can correct a single entry by reentering the data (Personal Information) or re-entering a number in the appropriate Number Attending box.  When your order is set the way you want it, click the Checkout button to proceed to the PayPal processing page.  If you do not see a PayPal page, your registration cannot be completed and you should let the webmaster know that there is a problem!

Texas SAR online payments are processed via PayPal.  You do not need to be a PayPal member to make credit card payments via PayPal, but members will have their usual options (as previously set up) as to how payments are made.  You will automatically transfer to a secure PayPal server for credit card processing as soon as you complete the form and click the Checkout button.

When you get to the PayPal page, members need only enter your email and password to log on to your account to complete payment.  Non-members can click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button to pay.  Additional pages will allow you to enter the appropriate credit card information to complete the transaction. 

You will be able to view the details of your transaction on the initial PayPal page to ensure that all elements were correctly forwarded.  Do this by clicking on the purchase amount total shown at the top of the page.  "Remember that your payment is not made until you click the Pay Now button."


Texas Society - Sons of the American Revolution
2023 Fall BOM – October 20 (Friday) to October 22 (Sunday) 2023
Wyndham Garden Hotel – 2829 Texas Avenue, College Station TX 77845



  • Hotel reservations must be made directly with the hotel before September 29, 2023.  Rooms are limited.
  • Make your reservation online or call the Wyndham Garden Hotel at 979-485-5777.  Confirm the room rates at the time of making your reservation.  Keep your confirmation number in the event you need to refer to it at a later date.
  • You must identify yourself as being affiliated with the “Texas SAR” or “Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution” and request the special rate to obtain the discounted rate of $129.00 plus fees (single or double occupancy). Parking is free.
  • If any issues arise with hotel reservations, or additional assistance with registration is required, contact Dennis Brunson, VP Independence Chapter at e-mail dpbrunson@gmail.com or cell 979-324-8552.



  • Complete the form below.  Please note any dietary or disability requirements and if so, provide details in the space provided.  We will do our best to accommodate you if possible.
  • The Compatriot Raffle will be for a “Leather Possibles Bag with Flat Powder Horn”.  Tickets are $5 each, or 5 tickets for $20.  Order now or when you get there.
  • The Ladies Raffle will be for a “Alamo Symbols of Freedom Print”.  Tickets are $5 each, or 5 tickets for $20.  Order now or when you get there.
  • The Registration Fee for the 2023 Fall BOM Meeting is $50 per Compatriot.  The fee for late registration at the door is $55.
  • There will be a Reception on Saturday evening from 5:00pm-6:30pm – no cost to registered SAR members & registered guest to attend, cash bar.
  • The Saturday Banquet ranges from $ 40.00 to $55.00 based on four(4) entree choices shown below, payable in advance.  Please indicate your preference.
  • The price for the Saturday Box Luncheon is $20 per person.
  • Should you need to cancel your Meeting Registration or meals please do so before September 29th.  After that date, we are unable to refund any fees to you.  If you must cancel your Hotel Reservation go directly to the Wyndham Garden Hotel, NOT to Texas SAR, 24 hour notice is required at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.



  • General Session/BOM:  Business Casual or Jacket and Tie.  Luncheon:  Business Casual or Jacket and Tie.  Dinner Banquet:  Jacket and Tie (Black Tie Optional); Ladies - nice business attire or dress.  Colonial attire is fine for any and all functions.


Personal Information
* = mandatory field
Last Name:  *
Given Name(s):  *
National Number:  *
Other Guest(s): 
Street Address: 
Contact Phone:  *
Texas SAR Chapter: 
Email:  *
Date of Arrival: 
Hotel Reservation Made?
Yes      No
Any special dietary or disability requirements?
Yes      No 
If so, please describe your requirements, and for how many if dietary:


Event Registration and Payment
Number Attending
Cost per Person
Total Cost

Compatriot Registration Fee
Compatriot only @ $50.00
Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial Park Tour (Friday 2-4pm)
(no cost)

Saturday Box Luncheon - Wrap
@ $20.00
Saturday Box Luncheon - Sandwich
@ $20.00
Saturday Box Luncheon - Salad
@ $20.00

Saturday Night Banquet – 12 oz Strip Steak
@ $55.00

Saturday Night Banquet – 10 oz Prime Rib
@ $55.00
Saturday Night Banquet – Herb Crusted Chicken
@ $40.00
Saturday Night Banquet – Grilled Shrimp
@ $45.00

Ladies Auxiliary Program (Saturday 1:30-2:15pm)
(no cost)

Raffle Ticket(s) - Possibles Bag and Powder Horn”
($5.00 ea or 5 for $20.00)
@ $5.00
Raffle Ticket(s) - LA -Alamo Symbols of Freedom Print
($5.00 ea or 5 for $20.00)
@ $5.00
Subtotal =
Handling =
Please re-enter the code for validation (no spaces):
        Total =
After clicking the Checkout button, please don't close any windows or click any additional buttons or links until the PayPal window appears.

Please report any problems with this form to the webmaster.