Biography of David Strickland


David Strickland was born on January 13, 1759 in Connecticut.  It is in that state he enlisted first for a term of five months on the first day of July, 1775 in Litchfield, Connecticut.  Strickland’s company commander was Captain Nathaniel Tuttle of the Regiment commanded by Col. Charles Webb.  When his five months were up, he enlisted for a term of one year at Boston in the state of Massachusetts.

For the third time, Strickland enlisted for a term of three years in February, 1777 at Reytown in the state of New York in the company commanded by Captain Warner of the Regiment commanded by Col. Samuel Willis.  David Strickland served again in the Connecticut Continental Line during the year of 1782.

When Strickland was discharged from the service at Horneck in the state of Connecticut, he stated he was in the battles of White Plains, Scot Plains, and Stony Point.

David Strickland applied for a pension and was granted such in 1819.  He was sixty years of age and a resident of Wayne County, Missouri.  In 1823, he was residing in Old Miller County, Arkansas which later became Red River County, TX.

Anita Puckett, a descendant of David Strickland, was visiting in Clarksville on October 5, 1992.  She stated that her ancestor had died in Red River County, Texas, circa 1825.  She stated that her ancestor had lived on a farm north from Clarksville on the Red River in an area known then as “Pecan Point.”  She believed that David Strickland was buried in a grave on his farm that was near the banks of the Red River.  During the years, the farm area has been searched many times but no trace of the grave has ever been found.  Descendents of David Strickland have joined the DAR over the years.  His pension number was #a35084.