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The PineyWoods Chapter #51, TXSSAR

History of the PineyWoods Chapter, No 51

By Historian Donald W. Lemon

Chapter 51 of the Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution had its humble beginnings in the coffee shop at the Randall's store on U.S. Highway 59 in Kingwood Texas.  Several distinguished gentlemen met almost every morning to have coffee and to discuss the events of the day.  There were others who dropped in on the gathering on a frequent basis, but three members of the Paul Carrington Chapter were the core group:  Thomas M. Green, Kim A. Morton, and Donald W. Lemmon.

One of the topics that surfaced was that a SAR Chapter was needed in the area.  Tom Green came in one morning after a meeting at the Paul Carrington Chapter and informed us that he had been asked by Dr. Bill Floyd, who was the Texas Society President, if he would start a chapter in the Humble area.  Tom had talked with Allan Henshaw about the details of opening a chapter, and Allan said he would take a dual membership with the group if we decided to do so.  That became the topic of the day on a Monday morning.

A date was set to meet with Allan to discuss the procedures necessary to sponsor a Chapter.  We agreed that now was the time to ask for a Charter to be given to us.  Each pledged to devote their time and efforts to make this Chapter a success.  We decided to have our meetings in the evening during the week rather than on the weekend, and we also felt that more members would attend if the meetings were in the immediate area rather than "downtown" Houston.

The PineyWoods Chapter received a Charter in February 1994 with nine founding members.  During the institutional meeting, Colonel Delbert Fowler threw down the gauntlet.  He said that if PineyWoods could have an additional fourteen new members by Convention time that he would present the Chapter with a set of flags.

The project could not have been completed without the help and support of both members and non-members of the PineyWoods Chapter.  It was decided early in the formation period of the Chapter to maintain a permanent file of "Record Copies" of each member's lineage.  A number of the chapters do not have this type of records in their files.  It was decided that the first year's membership would compose a book of records to be bound, not only to keep a record of members but to be a proven record of their ancestors to assist future members and new members in their genealogical research.

This project also could not have been completed if it weren't for the interested Compatriots who have given the time and ability to complete this book.  The committee of advisors were always ready to assist in many ways with solid advice and real concern.

The PineyWoods Chapter, No. 51, Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution closed out the 1994 Chapter Year with seventy-six members and we are still counting.

At the end of the first year, the results of the pledge speaks for itself.  At the Texas Society Annual Convention held in San Antonio March 10-12, the awards received by the PineyWoods Chapter were:

1.  Greatest increase in membership for any Chapter in the Texas Society

2.  Most members under 40 years of age for any Chapter in the Texas Society

3.  Most supplementals for any Chapter in the Texas Society


The above history is from the chapter's record book, Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution, PineyWoods Chapter, No. 51, 1994 - 1995, Our First Year, published and copyrighted in 1995.  The book contains record copies of all membership applications and supplemental applications of its charter and founding members.  The names of the patriots listed on these applications can be found on our website's Patriot Ancestor Page.


History of the PineyWoods Chapter, No 51

addendum By Kim Morton,
PineyWoods Genealogist 1994-2004

Since its humble beginning in February 1994 the PineyWoods Chapter Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution has flourished in many ways.  The Chapter has grown from nine members at its inception to a high in the low nineties.  The current enrollment is near eighty five members.  During this time period the chapter has gained numerous new members and unfortunately has lost several compatriots due to moving and untimely deaths.  One policy the chapter has always followed is that when a member passes away two rolls of Revolutionary War microfilm are donated in the compatriot’s name to a local genealogy library.

Tradition has always been a cornerstone of the chapter’s philosophy.  When a new member is presented at a dinner, a short explanation of the new compatriot’s Revolutionary War ancestry is read at the time of presentation.  Genealogy and history have always been a focus of this chapter.  The guest speakers over the years have delivered messages explaining history and extolling the virtues of liberty, freedom, country, family, and individual achievement as the values which have made this country what it is today.  Members have always been encouraged to submit “supplemental ancestors” as patriots.  The results have been numerous chapter awards in the genealogy field and over two hundred and fifty patriots approved in the ten year history of the PineyWoods Chapter.  This emphasis on proving patriots led to the publishing in 1995 of the Volume I Piney Woods lineage book.  Since that time many more patriots have been proven and are contained in this book, Volume II.

In February 2004 the PineyWoods Chapter will celebrate its tenth anniversary.  Chapter achievements through essay contests, oration contests, elementary school contests, ROTC medal sponsorship, and the awarding of flag and hero’s medals to policeman and firemen have all been part of chapter activities.  Members have come and gone, presidents have come and gone, and officers have come and gone, but there has been and always will be an underlying theme in the PineyWoods Chapter.  Put simply it’s the SAR closing:  “Until we meet again, let us remember our obligations to our forefathers, who gave us our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, an independent Supreme Court, and a nation of free men.”


The above addendum history is from the chapter's second record book, PineyWoods Chapter, No. 51, Lineage Book Vol. 2, published and copyrighted in 2004. The book contains copies of membership applications and supplemental applications of its members submitted from 1996 through 2003. The names of the patriots listed on these applications can be found on our website's Patriot Ancestor Page.