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Open Meetings See our Home page for our Open Meeting Schedule
Chapter President Roger E. Wehr at 817-861-5001
Chapter Registrar Kevin S. Jorrey at 972-689-5297
Chapter Web−Admin at 817-483-2214
Other Contacts For more contacts, see our
Officers and Committees web−pages.
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Phone us if you have eMail issues.

PC eMail Troubleshooting; set default Application for Content-Type=MailTo:
Windows 10
  • Start > Settings > System > Default Apps
  • email > Mail > Choose an App
  • Select your eMail program of choice (Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Win Mail, etc). This internally sets the MailTo: Content-Type to the eMail program selected.
  • if your desired email App is not installed, then select "Look for an App in the Store" and install your choice.
  • They are similar as they are also controlled by MailTo: Content-Type.