NSSAR Application Programs


There are several different ways available for you to prepare your NSSAR member/supplemental applications.  All of them require computer preparation and the following standards apply:

  • All applications are required to be printed on a special 8.5 by 14 inch SAR watermarked paper.  This paper is available from the SAR Merchandise Department and is listed as catalog number #0917 Blank Archival Paper.  Please visit the SAR Merchandise online catalog for a supply.
  • The text format for the forms should be Times New Roman in a normal print, NOT bold typeface.
  • The data entered onto the form may be in Helvetica, Times Roman, or Courier and in either normal or bold typeface.

NOTE:  The National Headquarters will return any application whose text, logo, or data are badly printed.  Since new applicants are usually not familiar with what a properly printed form looks like, Chapter and State Society individuals who are involved with the application process should watch for problem applications.

The following are the currently approved application software packages available.  Each one offers a different method to complete the application.


SAR-App.pdf -

This file allows the user to produce an application form that is (within the limits of the printer being used) very similar to the current pre-printed NSSAR Membership Application Form, Form #0915.  Before Printing, you may need to change the Page Setup to Legal Size paper.  When printing, Print page 1, then reinsert the paper into your printer and print Page 2 on the back side.

The form and data can be saved to your hard drive for editing later or to use when filing a Supplemental Application which uses much of the same lineage.  Remember to use the "Save As" Command, and change the name of the file.

To download the file Click Here.


SARApAid by Ray Cox (TX) -

This program has been licensed as an approved NSSAR Application form software package.  It is a stand-alone program (for Win95, Win98, WinMe, WinNT 3.51+, Win2000, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) requiring no other application or software package to provide complete entry, editing, saving, recall, and printing of NSSAR Application forms #0915U (2003 - new Universal form), #0915Y (2000 - Youth/Youth Life Membership form), as well as exchanging form data via E-mail attachments.

Complete information on the program, a handy comparison chart of capabilites for all application programs, and DEMO downloads are available at the Cox SoftWare Web site.

Note:  The Cox program is the only one of the programs offered which can import form data from all other approved application programs.