Color Guard Event Calendar Input


This form provides input for the Texas SAR Color Guard Event Calendar.  The calendar is composed primarily of state and national events (see the State and National Color Guard Events listing) and/or events where multi-chapter Color Guard participation is desired due to the size of participation desired or the large public scale of the event. 

Please fill out all items so the proper information will be available to the participants and to the general public.

Note:  This form will not accept web addresses.  If you want to include a web address for additional information, please send it to the webmaster separately after submitting your form.

Note:  This form is to submit already scheduled activities and is not a request for a Color Guard presence not already scheduled.


Event Time:   
Participant Show Time:   

Note:  Please provide an address so CG members who may be unfamiliar with your location/venue will be able to locate it.
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Color Guard event
For National and State Color Guard events, please ensure that you have checked with the State Color Guard Commander for the proper designation of your event.

If you do not see your event posted within 48 hrs. of submitting your request, please notify the webmaster so your request can be followed up.