Gold Good Citizenship Award


The Gold Good Citizenship Medal, authorized in 1954, is awarded for outstanding and unusual patriotic achievement and service of national importance to persons of prominence on a national level in the areas of government (including military service), religion, education, business and other professions, and other fields of endeavor.  SAR members may receive the medal if they meet the requirements established for all applicants.

This award is made by the National Society or State Society.  A Chapter may present this medal only if approved by its state society.

Some awardees have additional information available to possibly include biographical information and a picture.  To access this information please click the respective name if it indicates a link.  This additional information is offsite and is neither provided nor endorsed by the Texas SAR.

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Awardee Year Presented by
Abercrombie, J. S. 1961 Paul Carrington Chapter
Alessandro, Dr. Victor 1959 San Antonio Chapter
Allee, A. Y. 1968 Texas Society
Ambrose, Stephen 2001 Texas Society
Amilee, Meill F. 1970 Texas Society
Amsler, Neile 1970 Texas Society
Archer, Billy 1998 Houston Chapter
Aston, PG B. Rice 2003 NSSAR
Baker III, James Addison 1988 Texas Society
Barry, Desmond A. 1959 Paul Carrington Chapter
Bartlett, Steve 1986 Texas Society
Benjamin, A. 1979 Dallas Chapter
Bentsen, Senator Lloyd 1988 Paul Carrington Chapter
Blair, Tony 2003 Texas Society
Brakebill, PG Clovis H. 1988 Texas Society
Brandau, PG George H. 1992 Texas Society
Brownfield, Albert Ray 1978 Texas Society
Bush, George H. W. 1989 Texas Society
Bush, George W. 2003 Texas Society
Butler, Sr., PG Edward F. 2010 NSSAR
Byrd, Senator Harry F. 1958 Texas Society
Clark, Dr. Randolph Lee 1972 Carrington Chapter
Clark, Edward A. 1988 Patrick Henry Chapter
Clark, PG Dr. M. Graham 1973 Texas Society
Collier, Everett Dulton 1975 Texas Society
Colmer, Rep William Meyers 1973 Patrick Henry Chapter
Cooley, Dr. Denton 1978 Paul Carrington Chapter
Currie, Tom T. 1971 Texas Society
Dall, Tom T. 1975 Paul Carrington Chapter
Daly, Mrs. Adrien J. 1976 Texas Society
Daniel, Marion Price 1964 Texas Society
Davidson, Judge T. W. 1960 Texas Society
Drouilhet, Adrien 1969 Texas Society
Dunn, Sr., John S. 1975 Houston Chapter
Dyer, Mrs. Frank G. 1960 Paul Carrington Chapter
Fly, Claude L. 1972 Paul Carrington Chapter
Gallegly, Joseph S. 1967 Paul Carrington Chapter
Garrison, Jr., Homer 1967 Houston Chapter
Greer, Dewitt C. 1967 Houston Chapter
Hackerman, Dr. Norman 1978 Houston Chapter
Halbouty, Michel T. 1983 Texas Society
Haley, J. Evett 1973 Paul Carrington Chapter
Helms, Senator Jessie 1978 Paul Carrington Chapter
Herring, Robert R. 1971 Houston Chapter
Hightower, Judge Jack English 1999 Texas Society
Hightower, Cato 1967 Maj K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Hild, Dr. Jack R. 1963 Texas Society
Hill, Jr., Joe M. 1976 Texas Society
Holiday, Jr., Harry 1971 Houston Chapter
Humphrey, Walter R. 1964 Maj K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Hunter, Marshall E. 1979 Texas Society
Ingraham, Judge Joe M. 1977 Paul Carrington Chapter
Ingram, Rev. R. Robert 1962 Texas Society
Jessie, Lt Col Howard G. 1978 Texas Society
Johnson, Sam 1997 Texas Society
Kearn, G. V. 1967 Houston Chapter
Kennedy, Gen Marshall H. 1962 Maj K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Kidd, Dr. Frank 1976 Dallas Chapter
Lawrence, Tom 2016 NSSAR
Lemaistre, Charles Aubrey 1977 Texas Society
Leonard, D. P. 1972 Maj K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Lockwood, Robert Lee 1959 Patrick Henry Chapter
Manley, Dixon 1970 Texas Society
McArthur, Mrs. Jean 1975 Paul Carrington Chapter
McClure, Charles Boone 1976 Panhandle Plains Chapter
McDonald, Dr. Larry P. 1977 Paul Carrington Chapter
McIngvale, James Franklin 2018 Texas Society
Meadows, James E. 1978 Patrick Henry Chapter
Mecom, Sr., John W. 1966 Paul Carrington Chapter
Mischer, Halter M. 1973 Houston Chapter
Moore, Fred W. 1968 Paul Carrington Chapter
Moore, Weaver 1970 Texas Society
Morrow, Wright 1965 Paul Carrington Chapter
Newman, Dr. Guy D. 1971 Texas Society
Nichols, Murvin C. 1967 Maj. K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Northen, Ms. Mary Moody 1975 Paul Carrington Chapter
Peoples, Dr. C. E. 1977 Houston Chapter
Perot, H. Ross 2005 Texas Society
Perry, Gov. Rick 2009 Texas Society
Perry, Mrs. Marcella D. 1972 Houston Chapter
Phillips, James Clayton 1964 Texas Society
Ransom, Dr. Harry 1971 Houston Chapter
Rarick, Rep John 1974 Paul Carrington Chapter
Rudder, Earl 1968 Houston Chapter
Rumaggi, Col Louis 1974 Dallas Chapter
Schriver, Gen Bernard Adolph 1972 Texas Society
Shivers, Allan 1959 Texas Society
Short, Herman 1970 Houston Chapter
Stahl, Elmer Ware 1974 Texas Society
Sterling, Walter G. 1968 Houston Chapter
Stuebben, Rev. Lawrence J. 1976 Texas Society
Thomas, Julian Baldwin 1967 Maj. K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Thompson, Jr., Meldrin 1978 Paul Carrington Chapter
Tower, Senator John 1966 Texas Society
Van Cliburn 2002 Texas Society
Vandiver, Frank 1971 Houston Chapter
Verheden, Jack Clyde 1969 Houston Chapter
Watson, Wade W. 1966 Maj. K. M. Van Zandt Chapter
Werlein, Judge Presley E. 1977 Paul Carrington Chapter
Werlein, Judge Erwing 1964 Paul Carrington Chapter
West, Judge Gordon 1970 Paul Carrington Chapter
White, Nathan 2007 NSSAR
Wise, Paul E. 1958 Paul Carrington Chapter
Wright, Jr., Lt Gen John M. 1988 Texas Society

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