Middle School Brochure Contest
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The aim of this contest is to stimulate interest in American History in support of the established school curriculum.

This contest is directed at students in the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system - including ecumenical and home schooled students.  If the American Revolution period of American History is technically not specifically covered during these middle school grades, an entry will still be accepted for the competition by the state society.  In the case where the local school system, or its equivalent, teaches the American Revolution period of American History, the young person must enter the contest through the school and not as a separate entry.  In the case where the local school system does not teach this period of American History, the student may enter through their local Sons of the American Revolution Chapter.

Prizes are as follows:  1st Place - $300 Cash; 2nd Place - $200 Cash; 3rd Place - $150 Cash; 4th and 5th Place - $100 Cash.  The cutoff day for entering at the Local Chapter level is February 1st.


The topic for 2017 - 2018 year’s contest is:

"The Foundational Documents of the United States"
(includes the following:)
Articles of Confederation
Declaration of Independence
Federalist Papers
Bill of Rights


Please click this link to obtain all Brochure Contest rules.

All paper work shall be mailed to the State Poster Chairman before March 1st at the address below.  Each chapter will be responsible for bringing their winning brochure to the Texas SAR state meeting or if you cannot attend send brochure to:

John M. Hamlin
Vice President - CM&A
415 Primrose Lane
League City, Texas 77573